Best Tree Pruner in Taiwan

What is a tree pruner?

A tree pruner, or called pole pruner, tree trimmer or tree pruning saw, is a type of garden tool specifically designed to cut dead and unwanted branches from trees. This cutting tool normally attach to a long pole with ropes. Like loppers, it can cut branches up to 2 inches in diameter with a saw!! This powerful tool allows you to reach tree branches beyond your reach. Rather than using a ladder to risk yourself, tree pruners are extendable which make sure your tree trimming job easier and safer.

When and How to use a pole pruner?

Unlike a pruning shear or a lopper, using tree pruners need more skills and experience. Before using them, make sure you fully understand how and when to use this amazing tool. First, when you see a tree, remember to measure if it is too tall to reach by a lopper. If you can reach by lopper, you probably don’t want to use a tree pruner. However, when it comes to a tree taller than reachable, using a pole pruner instead may be a better choice. Secondly, choosing the right time for trimming is important. They are not as flexible as pruners, so you probably don’t want to use them when there are a lot of leaves. Third, if the branches are relatively big, remember to use the raw before pruning. This will make your work more efficient and also protect your tool from damaging.

BWG high quality tree pruners

Our tree pruners are made with SK5 high carbon steel. They are very durable and powerful. We offer three different size of blades (2.3~4mm) for cutting branches with different diameters. All of our pole pruners come with a saw to cut thicker limps.