BWG not only providing gardening shears !

What are Tailor scissors?

Tailor scissors or often called dressmakers scissors, sewing scissors or fabric shears, are a type of scissors especially to cut fabric. They come with long blades which give a good, clean cut fabric edge. Very often, one of the blades has pointy tip and the other side has a rounded tip. The rounded tip is to protect the seams or threads from damaging. Also, most of the dressmakers shears has a certain angle to keep the blades flat on a surface. This makes your cutting easier because it avoid the handle be on your way.

BWG Tailor Scissors

BWG tailor scissors are ideal for cutting various thin materials including leathers, paper, thin plastic, cloth and more.

◆ High quality Japanese 420J2 stainless steel.

◆ Easy to clean and rust free which is perfect for the tailor or handicraft enthusiast.

◆ Sharp blade with hardness HRC53+/-2 can meet any cutting needs.

◆ Extremely light with ergonomic shaped handles that are comfortable and easy to use.

◆ Non-slip & soft TPR handle

◆Durable and high cutting performance