BWG Recycled Pots

BWG not only sells gardening tools but pots made by recycled materials. We use recycle PP, PE and certain levels of PET for our gardening pots! Gardening can also be very GREEN.

According to ONU (Organisation des Nations unies) or  so called UN, people in the world produce billions of plastic trash each year. These plastic contamination threatens marine life, tourism, fisheries and businesses. Plastics undoubtedly play a crucial role in modern life. but the environmental impacts of the way we use them cannot be ignored. From the report, it says over 30 per cent of the natural capital costs are due to greenhouse gas emissions from raw material extraction and processing. Do you know that the marine environment or air pollution caused by incinerating plastic, the report reveals that the overall natural capital cost in the consumer goods sector each year is $75 billion.

Therefore, not only we spend billions of dollars to process the waste but also cause tremendous damages to our environment. You know what, up to 91% of the plastic waste are not being recycled properly worldwide.

BWG is trying to promote sustainability, greener gardening and reduce waste. The plastic pots we are selling are 100% recycled materials. We use recycled PE, PP plastic and EVA , mainly from plastic bottle caps and slippers!! Yes, You are right, one of  our major materials are from used or abandon SLIPPERS!

While making the recycled pots, we collect our raw material from local recycle suppliers, then we manually classify these material by different  colors and types, regrinding and mix these PP, PE, EVA materials. By the way, you want them to be in different colors? NO PROBLEM! We just need to add a little bit of pigment to make this come true! Please have a look of our products below.