Best rakes in Taiwan!

What is a rake?

When we hear “rake”, normally we connect the term with gathering leaves, flowers, hays, and debris on grass. However, there are different kinds of rakes for different purposes, such as loosing, evening soil or leveling purpose. No matter which kinds, it generally comes with a toothed bar with a long handle.

There are 4 different types of rakes

1.Leaf /lawn rake

Leaf rake is the most common type of rake, as how people name it, it is for collecting fallen leaves, flowers or debris. They are light weight and generally the shape of the tines look like a fan. Some common materials such as bamboo, plastic or metal.

2. Bow rake

We use Bow rakes to loosen or break up soil and make the land even. Bow rakes are more robust which comes with short, sturdy tines. Also, they are heavier and basically made by steel.

3. Hand rake

Hand rake is like a small bow rake with a short handle. If you live in a city with only a small garden, you probably don’t need a bow rake. In this case, using a hand rake to loosen your soil is the best choice.

4. Thatch rake

Thatching rake is not as common as other rakes. This kind of rakes are specifically designed to remove thatch from your garden. The tines come with blades to cut through the grass which can also remove moss and breaking soil.

BWG high quality rakes

◆ Spring brace style allows the rake to flex better while raking.

◆ High quality steel tines with powder coating can prevent rusty and last longer.

◆ Our heavy duty garden rake head is changeable.