Best Pruners in Taiwan

What is a pruner?

A pruner is also called secateurs or pruning shears. Have you thought about that there are different kind of pruners for different purposes? There are two types of pruning shears. A) By-pass pruners or B) Anvil pruners. Bypass pruners is more like scissors by using two blades pass by each other to cut branches. For Anvil pruners they work like a knife cutting on a cutting board.

When to use By-pass pruners and when to use Anvil pruners?

When you are doing your gardening jobs and find out you’re using an anvil cutting action to perform most of your pruning in the garden, perhaps you’re using the wrong tool! Anvil action tends to damage soft plant tissues. It stops the flow of nutrients, prolonging the healing time for the cut surfaces. On the other hand, if you are use a bypass pruner, actually it almost doesn’t do any damage to your plants! Generally speaking, Anvil secateurs do work a bit easier than Bypass secateurs for cutting up old dead wood but for most of the gardeners,  however, that is not a very common job in the garden. We tend to cut living plants or wood.

By-pass secateurs or Anvil secateurs?

The benefit of anvil secateurs is power, which helps you to have the job done with less force. That is great for woody stems, hard branches, or dried/ dead wood. Bypass pruners offer a cleaner cut, as the blade slices all the way through the stem and keep your plants alive. For most of the everyday gardening works, if you want your plants to grow more efficiently and don’t want to make any damage to your plants, by-pass secateurs are actually more recommended.

BWG High Quality Pruners

Material: BWG provides high carbon and stainless steel pruning shears which are strong and powerful. We design high quality cutting instruments for cutting tree branches, shrubs, hedges & Orchards, and also for cutting pruning of rose stems, bonsai, ornamentals & Flowers.

Handles: We provide Our ergonomically-designed aluminum handles with soft buffers which is more comfort and safe while using.

Safety lock: The products we provide come with a safety lock which ensures safety while carrying and storage. The safety lock is also adjustable.