Electrical Greenhouse Garden Industrial Mist Humidifier is suitable for using in indoor humidification, store house, garden, green house, farm and bake house.

◆ Humidifiers are for increasing humidity of an enclosed area. Plastic Base Electrical Greenhouse Garden Industrial Mist Humidifier produces extremely fine mist that evaporates into the air converting into real air humidity.

Multi-Function Knife Sharpener Blade Sharpening Tool is for sharpening loppers, pruners, and knives.

◆ The sharpener has 3 different sharpening areas to give the perfect angle for any sharpening job. There is a ceramic head is for removing burrs and providing a smooth finish.

◆ Curved arch protects fingers from sharp blade

◆ The handle with non-slip and soft TPR grip is for comfortable using.

◆ It has cleaning sponge and lubricating oil at the black screw cap. It is used to wipe oil on the sharpened blade after use to help prevent rusting and can also be used to assist with sharpening tools.