BWG Multi-Purpose Scissors

BWG not only provides gardening tools such as pruning shears, grass shears, loppers or rakes, but also scissors for multiple purposes. Our multi-purpose scissors are very powerful and durable. We use high-level stainless blades from Japan. Rather than just a everyday scissor, our heavy duty scissor can cut iron sheet, aluminum alloy mesh, furniture upholstery, electrical cables and wire etc. They are useful and convenient due to their compact sizes and strong blades. With these type of tools. You can use one scissor from gardening to electrical working.

◆ We use high quality Japanese stainless steels which are very sharp and easy to clean, and less likely to get rusty.

◆ Serrated cutting edge for retaining edge sharpness and labor-saving while cutting.

◆ A safety lock ensures safer carrying and storage.

◆ Handles are made from PP and TPR for a comfortable non-slip grip.