Anvil Tree Branch Cutter Garden Loppers is suitable for trimming back live wood before making a final, clean cut with bypass lopper. It makes cutting dramatically easy through extra leverage and compound action power.

Overall length:20~30″

Blade: Sk-5 high carbon steel or 50C carbon steel

Finished Blade: non-sticker coated  

Non-sticker coated protects the blades against rust and corrosion, it reduces friction for smoother cutting of branch and limb.

Tube:Powder coating aluminum tube or steel tube

Ergonomically designed handles with non-slip 2-tone grip of Steel Tube Bypass Tree Branch Cutter Garden Loppers are comfortable and easy to use while cutting.

There are shock absorbing rubber buffers between the handles to increase comfort and reduce fatigue.

Handle:Plastic+TPR or plastic or plastic 2-tone grip

Cutting Diameter:20~45MM