Best lopper in Taiwan

What is a lopper?

You can view Lopper as a giant pruner for cutting thicker branches, deadhead flowers or stems. If the branch is thicker than 20 mm, normally we need to use a lopper rather than a hand pruner in terms of efficiency. Otherwise you may damage your hand pruner or YOUR WRIEST. Similar to pruning shears. Lopper can also be divided to by-pass lopper and anvil lopper. By-pass lopper, like by-pass pruner, the blades are like scissors which use two blades pass by each other to cut branches. For Anvil lopper, like anvil pruner, they work like a knife cutting on a cutting board.

When to use By-pass lopper and when to use Anvil lopper?

Most of the people perhaps never thought about when to use a by-pass lopper and when to use an anvil pruner. However, we should choose the right tool base on the scenarios. By-pass lopper provides a clear cut which is good for living plants. The disadvantage is that it may be hard to cut larger diameter and harder branches.

Anvil loppers on the other hand, like anvil pruners, create more force and can make the trimming job easier. It is practical for cutting larger and harder branches, and it is less likely to stick to the stems while cutting. A few disadvantages are that they are heavier and they are more likely to damage the stems.

BWG high quality loppers

BWG sells both by-pass and anvil tree loppers with different specifications

  • We provide professional loppers to cut thick branches on mature trees and vines.
  • Overall length: 20~30″
  • Blades: SK-5 high carbon steel or 50C carbon steel
  • Finished Blade: Non-sticker coated (Non-sticker coated finish protects the blades against being rusty or corroded, it reduces friction for smoother cutting of branches and limbs)
  • Tube: Powder coating aluminum tube or steel tube
  • Ergonomically designed handles with non-slip 2-tone grips
  • There are shock absorbing rubber buffers between the handles to increase comfort and reduce fatigue.
  • Handle: Plastic+TPR or plastic or plastic 2-tone grip
  • Cutting Diameter: 20~45 mm