Best Hedge Shears in Taiwan!

What is a hedge Shear?

There are different names for hedge shear, such as hedge trimmer, hedge clipper, bush shear, or shrub trimmer. Rather than “pruning” tools like pruning shears or loppers to cut each branch one by one, hedge shears are more like a huge scissors to cut a much larger areas with a single cut and makes a straight long cut. For trees or bushes which look squire or different shapes from their natural appearance, they probably cut by a hedge shear.


When to use a manual hedge trimmer and when to use an electric hedge trimmer?

There are two types of Hedge Shears, manual hedge shear and power shear. Manual hedge trimmers are cheap, environmental friendly and you don’t need much training to use. It is good for beginners who just want to make their hedge look in a different way every now and then. It is also practical for people who just have small gardens.

Electric hedge shears on the other hand, are widely used for professional gardeners or people who need to maintain their garden on a regular basis. They allows work to be done faster and efficient. However, they need more skills, practices and they are also more dangerous.

When to use a hedge trimmer?

If we use hedge trimmer in the wrong time, very often it will cause unhealthy cuts to the plant and also damage the blades of the shears. There are only certain kinds of scenarios you need to use a hedge trimmer.

  • Maintaining a formal hedge.
  • To cut straight, clear lines of a bunch of small stems.
  • Make specific aesthetic design to your hedge.

BWG High Quality hedge shears

BWG provides different kinds of high quality hedge clippers. Our wavy  blades are ideal tools for maintaining garden hedges and sculpting small plants.

  • The wavy shape of the blades allow users to hold the branches better during cutting operations.
  • High quality carbon steel blades with non-stick coating provide years of durability and strength.
  • Aluminum handles with ergonomic non-slip TPR grip are lighter and long lasting.
  • Powder coating oval steel tube with ergonomic non-slip 2-tone grip.
  • Adjustable handles makes the trimming easier and more efficient.