Best Grass Shears in Taiwan

What is a grass shear?

Grass Shears or Grass Cutters, unlike pruning shears, are long blade scissors especially to trim grass or shrub. They can cut the grass very closely to the ground without damaging your lawn. Some of the grass shears are able to adjust their head to different angles, which make the job easier. Also, some advanced grass cutters even comes with a long handle that help you to do the gardening job with a standing position.

BWG Professional grass hand shears 

BWG provides two different kinds of grass cutter. One with wavy blades and swivel head. And the other kind is topiary shear.

Blades: We use high quality non-stick carbon steel blades, one blade is non-slip coated and the other one is chrome plated for rust resistance and making friction- free cutting. And the long sharp blades make great cuts each time to meet any cutting needs.

Swivel head: Swivel Grass Shear (Wavy Blade) with 360 degrees swivel head that allows 12 cutting positions. One non-slip coated and one chrome plated blade for rust resistance and friction free cutting.

Finish: The middle carbon steel with black finish and polish. The blades are hardened and precision ground and are fitted with a safety catch to ensure safe transportation and storage.

Handle: Our strong ABS handles are comfortable to use and tough to crack. The Single bow design provides a simple, solid shear. In addition, it comes with a spring action to automatically open the blades after each cutting motion.