How scissors are made

BWG Scissors

BWG provides provides high quality scissors for different purposes. Not only for gardening works, but also for everyday use and even for cutting fabrics, metal sheets, and electrical jobs. This video is a brief introduction of how scissors are made. Not all the procedures are included but it gives people a basic idea of how scissors are made.

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Pruning Shears

BWG High Quality Pruners

BWG provides high carbon and stainless steel pruning shears which are strong and powerful. We provide high quality cutting devices for cutting tree branches, shrubs, hedges & Orchards, and also for cutting pruning of rose stems, bonsai, ornamentals & Flowers.

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Electrician Scissors

BWG High Quality Electrician Scissors

BWG not only provides gardening tools such as pruning shears, grass shears, loppers or rakes, but also scissors for multiple purposes and electricians. The multi-purpose scissors are very powerful and durable which we can use them in different kinds of circumstance. Our heavy duty scissors can cut through iron sheet, aluminum alloy mesh, furniture upholstery, electrical cables and wire etc.

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Hedge Shears

BWG High Quality hedge shears

BWG provides different kinds of high quality hedge clippers. Our wavy blades are ideal tools for maintaining garden hedges and sculpting small plants.

  • The wavy shape of the blades allow users to hold the branches better during cutting operations.

  • High quality carbon steel blades with non-stick coating provide years of durability and strength.

  • Aluminum handles with ergonomic non-slip TPR grip are lighter and long lasting.

  • Powder coating oval steel tube with ergonomic non-slip 2-tone grip.

  • Adjustable handles makes the trimming easier and more efficient.

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BWG provides professional loppers to cut thick branches on trees branches and vines.

  • Overall length: 20~30″
  • Blades: SK-5 high carbon steel or 50C carbon steel
  • Finished Blade: Non-sticker coated (Non-sticker coated finish protects the blades against being rusty or corroded, it reduces friction for smoother cutting of branches and limbs)
  • Tube: Powder coating aluminum tube or steel tube
  • Ergonomically designed handles with non-slip 2-tone grips
  • Shock absorbing rubber buffers between the handles to increase comfort and reduce fatigue.
  • Handle: Plastic+TPR or plastic or plastic 2-tone grip
  • Cutting Diameter: 20~45 mm
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Recycled planting pots

BWG High Quality Pots

BWG not only sells gardening tools but pots made by recycled materials. We use recycle PP, PE and certain levels of PET for our gardening pots! Gardening can also be very GREEN.

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7-1/2″ (190mm) Japanese 4034 Stainless Steel Cable Stripping Knife strips insulation off of soft cables. It cuts through the insulation around the circumference with the very sharp Japanese stainless steel blade. Ergonomically designed safety non-slip nylon handle are suitable for comfortable using.

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Professional Electrician Scissors are designed specifically for electricians. They are high resistance and durable. The serrated blade grips the wire to make the cutting easier and better. The functions of wire stripper between handles are 1.5mm / 2.5mm.

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  1. Safety box opener – the knife of back blade can be used for cutting cartons and will no harm internal goods.

  2. Wire cutter – aluminum/copper wires (up to Ø2.5mm) Iron wires (up to Ø1.5mm)

  3. Opening bottles & cracking nuts – The stainless steel blade have a serrated cutting edge for retaining edge sharpness and making stable and labor-saving while cutting. It is suitable for cutting soft materials such as tin sheets, carpets, corrugated cartons, tablecloths, aluminum sheets, plastics, card, paper etc.

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Multi-purpose scissors are designed for cutting difficult, heavy materials in place on the floor or worktable. The stainless steel blade have a serrated cutting edge for retaining edge sharpness and making stable and labor-saving while cutting.

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Multi-purpose electrician Scissors with serrated and notch are designed for cutting wire, insulation materials, cable tie and more.

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Heavy Duty Scissors made by stainless steel  can be used for cutting sheet of thin, iron, aluminum alloy mesh, furniture upholstery, electrical cables and wire.

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